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Thompson Insulation are specialists in the design and installation of food hygiene areas, cold rooms, cold storage units and insulated connecting corridors for chilled distribution centers and chilled food producers. The cold rooms we design and install can vary in size from a moderate 6 cubic meter walk in cold room to essentially a warehouse space!

Standard & Bespoke Cold Room Construction and Installation

Using high quality insulated panels and doors in our cold room construction, in standard or bespoke formats, Thompson Insulation create temperature controlled hygienic environments throughout the UK for businesses whose business is food! Our family run cold room design and installation business has been helping solve food storage problems since xxxx.

From hygienic food processing environments, cold stores, cold rooms and chilled distribution warehouses through to, walk-in freezers, distribution and delivery corridors, doorway systems and insulated roofing our experience and specialist knowledge covers all food hygiene storage situations.

Why do our Cold Room customers return time after time?

At Thompson Insulation we pride ourselves on our ability, strengthened and focused by xx years of dedicated cold room design and installation, to produce consistently, high quality solutions with superb cold roomsinstallation both on time and to budget.
Our clients return to us time and time again, not only inspired by our most competitive rates, but by the quality of our work, the obvious pride we take in each job and the finished article.


What are Cold Rooms?

The cold room and cold storage facility is a key element of the infrastructure required for the harvesting, preparation and distribution for perishable commodities like fruit and vegetables.

A Cold Room is a special type of room, the temperature cold roomsof which is kept very low with precision instruments.

What are they used for?

On both large and small scales, cold rooms are used as hygienic food preparation areas and stores slowing the deterioration of perishable produce and allowing for greater control in distribution and market supply. 

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Design Considerations for Cold Rooms

When weighing up your cold room needs size if often the top of the list whatever your size of business.

cold room installation

Storage areas, walkways, and shelving for the cold room must all be considered. You may want it to be used as both a food hygiene preparation area as well as a storage unit, or it might be one or the other.cold room installation It might need an entry point and an exit point. It might be in an existing building already in use or being built as a stand alone unit.

This is what we do, what we are good at. We can help you answer some if not all of your questions and recommend the ideal size and design for your requirements and budget. Why not call now or describe what you want on our ‘electric note pad’, click send and we’ll get back to you as soon as we have some answers for you.


  • When beginning a cold room project with Thompson Insulation, your dedicated Contract Manager will almost unquestionably be a member of the Thompson family.

  • You will speak with the ‘Organ Grinder, not the monkey’ as the saying goes.

  • You can be assured at all times that your key point of contact from start to finish will be;

    1. the same person, and

    2. a member of the family business with full authority to exercise the actions required to achieve the desired results targeted by your budget.

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