Cold Room Installation

Cold Room Installation is Thompson Insulation’s key service. The business was first created to provide a cold room installation service to a growing food preparation industry with cold room facilities needed throughout the country in a variety of locations from large commercial cold room installationplant environments to the more rural farm location. Whatever the environment and the problems posed, Thompson Insulation is confident that with our experience in virtually all cold room installation environments, we will provide you with the answers to problems, designs that fulfil the brief, and a quotation that fits the budget.

Cold Room Installation Planning

cold room installationWhether a cold room or storage freezer, as an integral part of our cold room installation contract work we offer a full planning service ...

blast freezer installation

...where in consultation with our client we plan out propositions for the sizes and layouts of cold rooms and cold storage facilities like blast freezers.

Thompson Insulation add an extra layer of practical experience in the early planning stages of a cold room installation project which can help clients avoid expensive errors and/or highlight time saving and cost saving processes.

If you would like to discuss the planning of a cold room project don’t hesitate to call us on 07721 024732


Cold Room Contracting?

Cold Room Installation Contracting through Thompson Insulation is as flexible as our customers need it to be.
We can be contracted purely to fit pre-made cold room units and doors right through to the complete design, manufacture, fitting and project management of a cold room build and installation.

cold room installationCold room installation projects contracted to Thompson Insulation can be of a variety of sizes from a small 4 square meter cold storage unit in a village butchers shop, right up to multi level warehouse size freezer and cold room plants.

The most important project on our minds!

The constant in all of our cold room installation contract work is our respect for our clients projects.

Your cold room installation is the most important project on your mind, and when we’re on site, your cold room installation is the most important project on our minds!

Cold Rooms
  • When beginning a cold room project with Thompson Insulation, your dedicated Contract Manager will almost unquestionably be a member of the Thompson family.

  • You will speak with the ‘Organ Grinder, not the monkey’ as the saying goes.

  • You can be assured at all times that your key point of contact from start to finish will be;

    1. the same person, and

    2. a member of the family business with full authority to exercise the actions required to achieve the desired results targeted by your budget.