Cold Room Doors

Thompson Insulation have been installing and manufacturing insulated doors coldstore doors, cold room doors, chiller doors and freezer doors primarily for use within food cold room doorsprocessing areas since xxxx.

We have the in depth experience of design, construction and the fitting of cold room doors that our customers can rely on to achieve the results they are after in an efficient, timely and cost effective manner. We have designed and fitted cold room doors raging from relatively small single passageway insulated cold room doors to huge rapid roll cold room doorways.

Standard & Bespoke Insulated doors
for UK Cold Rooms.

cold room installationThompson Insulation install insulated doors for all applications where hygiene, temperature control and reliability are of paramount importance.

Typically insulated doors are used on cold rooms, freezers, chillers, food processing areas, and food preparation areas.
We can design and manufacture bespoke cold room doors or install pre-made cold room doorways.

If we are to install pre-made doors we will always recommend the highest quality cold room doorways within our clients budgets. The cold room door is an integral part of  cold room/food preparation area.


Rapid Roll Doors

Rapid Roll Doors for Frequent Access to Cold Rooms Rapid roll cold room doors are the ideal design choice for temperature controlled areas where frequent access is required.  We design and install rapid roll cold room doors with a high standard specification which can be equipped with push button operation, safety edges and other features for ease of use and security.

Wide Variety of Cold Room, Ambient Area and Freezer Doors

The range of cold room and insulated door formats we install cover all the key area requirements in the food processing environment. Cold Room doors can be designed or selected for frequent use, for rolling vehicle access, for internal food safe areas or external openings.
Freezer doors should be installed with heated frames to prevent them becoming iced closed.

We fit;cold room doors

Automated Sliding Doors
Amenity Doors
Crash Doors
Freezer Doors

The Industrial food preparation environment can place high stresses and strains on doors .  Repeated impact from man-ridden vehicles and extreme temperature shifts between areas can be very tough on a door. 

Fortunately Thompson Insulation only use and/or manufacture Industrial Insulated and Cold Room Doors that are designed to survive in the toughest industrial food preparation environments.
We have installed simple insulated double doors to create ambient areas, crash doors within warehouse environments which can be opened by vehicles such as forklifts, and blast freezer doors with heated frames where the temperature on the inside is -37 degrees C and on the outside an ambient 15 degrees. The heated frames prevent the doorways from freezing the doors closed.

When buying in doorways for our clients we use only the most reputable firms including Fermod, Eurocold and Mandor all of which we hold in highest regard.


Cold Rooms

  • When beginning a cold room project with Thompson Insulation, your dedicated Contract Manager will almost unquestionably be a member of the Thompson family.

  • You will speak with the ‘Organ Grinder, not the monkey’ as the saying goes.

  • You can be assured at all times that your key point of contact from start to finish will be;

    1. the same person, and

    2. a member of the family business with full authority to exercise the actions required to achieve the desired results targeted by your budget.