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Project Mustard

Formation of a food safe production facility including Storage Freezer and Chill room for the storage of incoming frozen and chilled elements and the temperature controlled production area for the manufacture of chutneys and mustards. This is a classic example of the cold room work carried out by Thompson Insulation in that it was a multi disciplined job combining freezer work along side conventional cold room work along side food safe process area creation.

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Heated Floors

The freezer work includes heated flooring to prevent permafrost seeping into the ground below, expanding and breaking up the freezer room and surrounding flooring.

Cold Room & Freezer Doors

The chill room and freezer room were both used for goods in and then passed forward into the food safe, temperature controlled production area. freezer room doors installed with heated frames to stop them icing shut.

Thompson Insulation's work included; • Installation of composite panel structure • Creation of Food Safe Production Facility, a 600 sq meter floor space chilled thermo controlled production area • Installation of storage freezer room with heated floor • Installation of heated doors with heated frames for the prevention of icing closed • Installation of Chill Room • Food safe finishes throughout.

Floating Ceilings

A floating ceiling was installed throughout in line with LPC requirements (Loss Prevention Council) ensuring food safe hygienic surfaces were maintained throughout the facility.

Project Kerry Foods

Thompson Insulation were brought in by Kerry foods to create a Food Safe Hygienic Link Tunnel from a Static External Modular Cold Room to the Main Factory Area incorporating structural steel supports and food safe finishes throughout.

The tunnel was constructed in the style of a cold room using composite insulated panels with thermal value and food safe finishes covering the length of the link tunnel.

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Cold Room Style Link

The link tunnel was created with a compartmental internal structure with food safe grade finish to the external modular cold room unit. The modular cold rooms being attached can be of varying sizes.

External Food Safe Link

As the link tunnel is essentially an external structure Thompson Insulation installed external weather proof panels to the connection tunnel with steel structural supports in contrast to the internally panelling to create the food hygienic link for the transportation of chilled product from modular unit to factory.

Weather proof Profile Roofing was used from static cold room to factory entrance.

Thompson Installations work included; • Construction of external link tunnel • Linking external static modular cold room to factory
• Internally panelling to create food hygienic link for the transportation of chilled product.
• Installing structural steel support
• Cladded weather proof roof

Project North Downs Dairy

Thompson Insulation were brought in by the makers of Pilgrim’s Choice Cheese to create a fire retardant insulated structural wall with thermal capacity separating marketing offices and waxing areas from the existing main cold room storage facility.
Along with the creation of the firewall with 1 hour rated panels, we installed a selection of windows and doors including fire doors both internal and external grades.

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Cold Room Doors

Thompson Insulation design and create doors however in this instance we installed pre-made polycarbonate internal grade swing doors.

Cold Room Installers

Thompson Installations work included;
• Installation of fire retaining structural wall separating marketing offices and waxing area from main cold storage area.
• Installation of 1 hour rated fire wall panels, food safe
• Installation of polycarbonate swing doors
• Installation of internal polycarbonate windows between areas
• Installation of external grade fire exit doors
• Installation of double glazed aluminium section windows

Food Safe Environment

The firewall passed through a mezzanine floor to which we installed a fire retardant ceiling, fire walls and internal grade windows below mezzanine the floor in a food safe environment.

Project Handmade Cakes

Thompson Insulation designed, built and installed a large freezer storage unit and blast freezer unit. The 10 x 10 meter freezer unit was to be a storage unit for holding cakes after processing.
We installed 2 blast freezers to cool and freeze the product directly from process ready to be sent to the holding freezer.

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Heated Flooring

The blast freezers were installed with heated floors where a recess is dug out, the heating system installed then covered with Styrofoam and then a concrete floor. This prevents permafrost from freezing and expanding the ground below the freezer which would cause catastrophic damage to the freezer site.

Thomson Insulation work included:
• Installation of a 10m x 10m freezer for holding the cakes after processing.
• Installation of a heated floor along with a 125mm concrete base.
• One sliding door with heated frame and a personnel fire exit door were supplied and installed.
• Installation of two blast freezer rooms. Blast freezers cool and freeze the product directly from process ready to be sent to the holding freezer.
• Blast freezers have plenhem ceilings which act as divisions between the cold air flow from the freezer unit and the evaporator unit where the warm air and moisture are extracted from the product.
• Installation of blast freezer heated floors and doors.

Cold Room Installation

Our cold room installation work covers the full range of cold rooms from chillers to blast freezers, from small walk ins to factory units.

Medina Food Service

Thompson Insulation were responsible for the formation of the largest freezer storage facility on the Isle of Wight spanning 740 square meters of floor space, reaching a height of 8.6 meters giving 6364 cubic meters of freezer storage. The freezer was constructed in two sections allowing one section to be closed down when seasonal stock fluctuations do not require the full freezer space.

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Cold Room Panels

8.6 meter insulated panels were driven up once the heated floor recess had been dug and suspension for the freezer ceiling put into place.

The Isle of Wight’s largest freezer unit

Thompson Insulation work included;

• Installation of freezer panelling
• Installation of mezzanine floor and Butchery areas
• Made food safe throughout for the production of raw and cooked meat products
• Installation of chiller rooms
• Installation of heated floor for freezer room preventing perma frost affecting the ground
• Installation of insulated, heated, automated doors with heated frames.

Food Safe Areas

Along side the giant freezer facility Thompson Insulation also created a mezzanine floor and butchery area for the production of raw and cooked meat products.

Farm Shops

Thompson Insulation are also very experienced in the creation of Farm Shops. Especially the conversion of an existing building, the example case is an old boiler room which was converted into a farm shop. ‘Note’ If the shop only sells products produced on site planning is very kind. The example case is essentially a food safe area without temperature control except for the chiller. We installed internal and external panelling, a modular cold room and chiller, suspended ceilings and an insulated profile panel roof.

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Cold Rooms

Thompson Insulation can design and construct a bespoke cold room facility to match perfectly any food safe project or we can supply and fit pre made modular cold room units.

Farm Shop fittings and Cold Room

Along with the construction of food safe environments and cold room facilities, Thompson Insulation also fit the required farm shop fittings and furniture and match in wood or similar panelling where appropriate.
In this example Thompson Insulation’s work included;
• Change of use of existing building
• Installation of Insulated Panel Structure
• Installation of new insulated profile panelled roof
• Integration of wooden doors, windows and shop furniture
• Installation of modular chill room facility
• Installation of suspended ceilings


For insulated panel installations, with modular or bespoke cold room units, we can be relied upon to bring the project to conclusion on time and within budget.